“The New Media Certificate is a credential that demonstrates a student is technowledgeable: the understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field. The New Media Certificate provides students with an array of skills and experiences that form a competitive advantage in today’s job market, no matter the career path.” – NMI


PROMPT: Craft a website by hand using HTML + CSS.

Find the website here.

PROMPT: Create three different versions of the same webpage to gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage Bootstrap to create responsive websites.

Find Panel 1 here.
Find panel 2 here.
Find panel 3 here.

PROMPT: Create two separate installs of WordPress (News site + Commerce site) to explore the wide variety of sites you can make with CMS.

Find the news site here.
Find the commerce site here.

PROMPT: Redesign a website of your choice to show the skills you’ve gained in this class.

Find the final project here.